• The sustainability of our brand as well as all parties
    within its reach are crucial to our long-term success.

Today and Tomorrow

We want to make sure TEMAS retains its value well into the future. Therefore the interest of stakeholders throughout the supply chain, be it directly or remotely involved with the company’s operations, is critical for our future. Thus we have a set of social responsibility principles to protect all stakeholders’ interests. At the same time we have ongoing investments in place. These efforts are made in an attempt to safeguard the sustainability of people, organizations, communities and nature surrounding our business. Through this same vision we also hope that our efforts help increase awareness of similar aspirations within the industry.

Core Principles

Responsible Commerce

At TEMAS we execute our business operations with a great sense of responsibility. For many years the trust factor has been a key element in forming strong relationships with our customers. We are fully committed to meeting all shipment schedules, product quality standards and terms of exchange. While we strive for perfection in all transactions we also have mechanisms in place to encourage our business partners to act responsibly as well. This way we support the sustainability of our enduring relationships.

Responsible Farming

We have control procedures that help us monitor the sourcing process of raw materials used in our yarns. We deliberately work with producers that use cotton sourced from reliable farmers who utilize only the state-of-the-art farming technology, strictly avoid the use of harmful chemicals and pledge to fair labour policies. We make sure that only those growers with dependable farming standards are chosen by our producers. Similar set of principles are also applied to synthetic raw materials sourcing.

Responsible Manufacturing

We look for certain standards in choosing our producers. Our business activity with any given producer develops only upon fulfillment of our criteria for responsible manufacturing, which includes efficient production systems, commitment to product specifications, and compliance with employment regulations as well as responsible treatment of the surrounding nature. Similarly, we emphasize that our producers uphold similar principles and act responsibly in their own procurement processes as well.

Responsible Employment

At all levels of HR, stretching from the warehouse staff to sales representatives, our employees enjoy the high-standard work environment we keep at TEMAS. Our work setting far exceeds the standards of an ordinary workplace. At the fundamental level we provide an environment that respects employment rights, stresses the wellness of all members, and strictly avoids discrimination of any kind. Additionally we embrace collaboration and empower our employees at all levels, thus enhancing motivation and boosting productivity.

Responsibility for Communities

At TEMAS we realize a significant part of our motivation in the contribution we make to communities. This insight makes an important part of our devotion to work. Foremost our commitment to high quality standards serves as superior final-products for the end consumers around the world. Similarly the uncompromising professionalism that we stress in all of our business processes goes beyond adding greater value to our products and sets a specimen for the industry.

Responsibility for Nature

We are fully aware of the critical role that nature plays not only for our generation, but also for the generations to come. Our efforts in improving production efficiency means a significant reduction of our carbon food print and waste of important world resources at each step of the supply chain. Similarly by optimizing the logistics operations for our customers we minimize the time our products spend en route, thus lowering fossil fuel consumption and saving the earth from a good deal of toxic chemicals.


We are currently undergoing an organizational restructuring that will allow us to arrange our social responsibility investments under a corporate roof. Hence we will find a greater opportunity to openly share our commitment to improving lives outside of our business. We are planning to sustain our investments with an increasing volume, centered on a meaningful theme - a better tomorrow. Today most of our production takes place in regions with limited access to quality education. Therefore the majority of our investments focus on improving the education infrastructure around our production sites.