• In addition to expanding our supplier network we continue to refine
  • our supply contracts in an effort to offer winning deals for both our customers and producers.

Meet Our Supplier Network

The vast scale of our supplier network plays a central role in our value creation. Our leading supply processes, which we customize for each of our customers, are largely made possible thanks to the great many producers within our supplier network. The number of our suppliers expands in response to our increasing sales volume. Yet we substantially emphasize on enriching our existing contracts. In doing so we realize improved efficiency and sustainability of our service. While it provides a competitive edge to our customers, it also represents enhanced deals for our producers.

Supplier Map

Today we supply our yarns through a network of 71 producers from 25 cities worldwide. Of those producers 56 are located within Turkey while the remaining 15 are located overseas.


Another key strength that differentiates TEMAS from the competition is its hyper-speed logistics channels. Using our strategically located logistics hubs throughout Turkey we meet the tightest manufacturing schedules and support our customers in capturing the constantly-changing fashion trends. In order to reduce storage costs and improve efficiency for our customers we make our shipments precisely when they are needed, by utilizing just-in-time capabilities. We keep a wide range of items in stock that covers most of our customers’ needs. Otherwise we secure accelerated production using our supplier network and make sure our shipments arrive just in time.