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Always a Step Ahead

Our customers’ needs stand at the center of our business. We constantly bring new innovations to our business processes in order to address the evolving demands of our customers. Today we have realized three key components to gaining an edge in fabric manufacturing - speed, low-cost and great service. Integration of the three elements are vital to success. Accordingly we incorporate those elements in our yarn supplies through involving cutting-edge innovation at each step of our operations, thus leading our customers a step ahead of competition.

Customer Services at TEMAS

At TEMAS we define customer service as perfection in each transaction. This principle constructs the foundation of our strong relationships with our customers. We assign each of our customers with a representative who has long years of experience in yarn industry and a deep understanding of extraordinary customer service. Starting from the initial meeting our representatives keep in close contact at each step of the sales process. They assist our customers through their technical support needs and beyond. They also incorporate external resources to their service when needed. Our representatives do a phenomenal job in listening to our customers and acting in their best interest at all times. Hence they ensure full satisfaction of our customers every time.


Cotton yarn accounted for our largest sales category for 2015. We supplied majority of our cotton yarns from our local producers. Polyester yarn accounted for our second largest sales category. Together cotton yarn and polyester yarn categories represent our most competitive business area, of which we are able to offer leading pricing and customization options. The remaining portion of our sales were made of viscose yarn, spandex yarn, metallic yarn and special blend yarns for 2015. The variety in our products catalogue appeals to a broad group of manufacturers, yet we find our niche in cotton and polyester yarns.

Products Catalogue

Cotton Yarn
Ne 10/1 Compact Combed Ne 10/1 Combed Ne 10/1 Carded Ne 10/1 Open-end
Ne 20/1 Compact Combed Ne 20/1 Combed Ne 20/1 Carded Ne 20/1 Open-end
Ne 24/1 Compact Combed Ne 24/1 Combed Ne 24/1 Carded Ne 24/1 Open-end
Ne 28/1 Compact Combed Ne 28/1 Combed Ne 28/1 Carded Ne 28/1 Open-end
Ne 30/1 Compact Combed Ne 30/1 Combed Ne 30/1 Carded Ne 30/1 Open-end
Ne 36/1 Compact Combed Ne 36/1 Combed Ne 36/1 Carded Ne 36/1 Open-end
Ne 40/1 Compact Combed Ne 40/1 Combed
Ne 50/1 Compact Combed Ne 50/1 Combed
Cotton Polyester (CVC) 50% - 50%
Ne 30/1 Combed Ne 30/1 Carded
Ne 30/1 Combed – Melange Ne 30/1 Carded - Melange
Polyester Filament Yarn Polyester Ring Spun
DTY 50/24– NIM DTY 50/24 DDB - NIM FDY 40/24 SDRW Ne 20/1 Ring Spun
DTY 75/36– NIM DTY 75/36 DDB - NIM FDY 50/24 SDRW Ne 30/1 Ring Spun
DTY 75/72– SIM DTY 75/72 DDB – SIM FDY 68/24 SDRW Ne 40/1 Ring Spun
DTY 100/36– NIM DTY 100/36 DDB – NIM FDY 150/96 SDRW
DTY 100/96 – SIM DTY 100/96 DDB – SIM
DTY 100/144 – SIM DTY 100/144 DDB – SIM FDY 40/24 DDB Ne 20/1 Ring Spun – Black
DTY 150/48 – NIM DTY 150/48 DDB – NIM FDY 50/24 DDB Ne 30/1 Ring Spun – Black
DTY 150/96 – SIM DTY 150/96 DDB – SIM FDY 68/24 DDB Ne 40/1 Ring Spun – Black
DTY 150/288 – SIM DTY 150/288 DDB – SIM FDY 150/96 DDB
DTY 300/96 – NIM DTY 300/96 DDB – NIM
DTY 300/576 – SIM DTY 300/576 DDB –SIM
Viscose Yarn Spandex
Ne 28/1 Ring Spun Ne 28/1 Open-end 20 D
Ne 30/1 Ring Spun 30 D
Ne 40/1 Ring Spun 40 D
Polyester Viscose (TR) 65% - 35% & 50% - 50% Metallic Yarn
Ne 28/1 Ring Spun Ne 1/100 Golden
Ne 30/1Ring Spun Ne 1/100 Silver

Important Remarks


Measurements stated on our catalogue represent greatest sales volume at TEMAS. Upon request we can supply most of our products in measurements other than those listed on our catalogue


Except for spandex yarn and metallic yarn we are capable of supplying the remaining yarns in our products catalogue in a wide selection of color options.


In line with the demands of our customers we actively supply special blend yarns within cotton yarn, polyester yarn and viscose yarn categories.


Based on our customers’ preferences we can supply all of our products in different packaging types including paper boxes, sacks and pallets.