• We maintain our market leadership position
  • thanks to our customer-centric company ecosystem.

Competence. Relaibilty

TEMAS is a leading yarn supplier based in Istanbul, Turkey. We supply a wide range of quality yarns to knit fabric manufacturers at home and overseas. Our core business processes include (1) yarn manufacturing through our global network of suppliers that we individually match with the specific needs of each of our customers, (2) warehousing at our logistics hubs and (3) executing highly efficient just-in-time shipment schedules. Taking our customers’ needs as the primary source of reference in designing our business processes has always given us a competitive edge in the industry. Our success in bringing together the leading production capabilities with reliability in a wide array of critical business factors has clearly distinguished TEMAS from the competition. As a result, we have the great privilege of standing above the rest of the yarn suppliers in the market today.

Our Position on the Supply Chain

Our Business Model

Supplying knitting yarns of domestic and international origin make our primary business. In this regard we serve to the raw material needs of fabric manufacturers in varying quantities. We create substantial value over and above individual yarn producers, which reinforce our key position on the supply chain.
We provide global sourcing services and sell in pro forma terms should the requested product remain outside of our products catalogue. We regularly help fabric manufacturers source even the most distinctive yarn varieties.
Occasionally on demand we outsource the knitting process to third parties and carry out the sale in fabric form. Outsourcing currently represents the smallest share of our annual sales volume.


Product Variety

We provide a broad range of yarns throughout the year. In addition to the many variations within the cotton yarn, polyester yarn, spandex yarn, viscose yarn and metallic yarn categories, we actively supply special blend yarns in response to our customers’ demands. Hence we offer our customers a one-stop-shop for all of their supply needs, thus achieve a fundamental improvement in efficiency. While a single source provides our customers a winning edge in pricing and timing considerations, it helps us keep the TEMAS brand ahead of the competition. Although a substantial portion of our sales in 2015 have been in cotton yarn due to market trends, we actively supply other yarn categories.

Competitive Pricing Policy

As part of this approach we meet our customers’ needs at the lowest price point. This involves outperforming competition in price terms with every transaction. We are able to offer competitive pricing as a result of our extensive producer network and ahead of the curve business processes. Accordingly we make sure all your needs are met at the lowest price point with no compromises made on the product quality. Thus we pass the additional value creation onto our customers. This capability plays an important role in TEMAS’s exclusive relationships with each and every one of its customers.

Speed to Market

Based on the market trends we stock the most needed yarn categories in our logistics hubs throughout the year. This allows us to respond to customer requests rapidly, regardless of shipment quantity. We currently deliver more than 60% of our local orders within the same day. We also make sure our international shipments arrive at destination through the fastest possible channel. Should a particular product category run out of stock at the time of a purchase order, we make it first priority to have the order produced within a swift schedule and have it delivered to our customer’s manufacturing site in hyper-fast speeds.

Exceptional Customer Service

The word TEMAS is translated into English as “to connect” and “to reach out”. Our company is primarily differentiated in terms of our emphasis on forming and maintaining very strong relationships with each of our customers. Therefore achieving full customer satisfaction is key to our business. With this goal in mind, we make sure our yarns as well as our customer service go beyond meeting the expectations of our customers. Our team supports our customers before and after sales. We ensure the delight of our customers in every transaction and work through potential hassles if they emerge. As a last resort, if complications persist, we easily accept product returns.

Wide P.O. Range

TEMAS serves fabric manufacturers of different sizes and scales. Our SME and Corporate sales teams assist our customers through purchase orders ranging from 1 ton to 1,000 tons in volume. This includes express sales directly from our logistics hubs as well as long term programs that secure yarn supplies synchronized with our customers’ manufacturing schedules. Accordingly, we arrange the most efficient short and long-term yarn supply programs based on our customers’ needs and optimize key factors such as technical specifications, timing, quantity, and pricing with maximized value commitment for our customers.


Trust is an uncompromising value of our company. We work with the vision to achieve perfection in every transaction and reduce complexities for our customers. The TEMAS brand, as its known primarily for its reliability, communicates our success in turning this vision into reality. We guarantee 100% transparency and competence every time. Accordingly we build our relationships upon these important values. Today we are proud to keep a very high credit rating by financial institutions as a result of our steady business discipline. For potential customers and business partners we are more than happy to provide references as proof our superior reliability.


To be the leading yarn supplier for textile manufacturers in Turkey and around the world.


To profoundly understand our customers’ needs by engaging in strong relationships with them at all times and best serving their needs through our unparalleled production capabilities. Similarly, we treasure providing a high-standard work environment to our staff and supporting our producers to ensure the sustainability of our yarn supplies.

TEMAS in Numbers - 2015